Hyperelastic Bone™ Sheet


Hyperelastic Bone™ sheet is a flat sheet, 100-300 μm thick, that can be utilized as-is or in conjunction with 3D-Paints.

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Hyperelastic Bone™ (Hydroxyapatite) Sheet

This research grade (not for human use) Hyperelastic Bone™ sheet can be utilized as-is or in conjunction with 3D-Paints. Provided as flat sheets 100-300 μm thick, Hyperelastic BoneTM sheets are flexible, rollable, and foldable. They may also be cut and punched as desired to achievable the necessary dimensions for a given application. Hyperelastic Bone™ sheets may also be used as 3D-printing substrates in conjunction with other 3D-Paints. 3D-Paints 3D-printed or otherwise extruded directly onto the Hyperelastic Bone™ sheet will chemically fuse with the material. This feature permits the user to 3D-print or otherwise impart patterns directly onto the flexible substrate using materials from the 3D-Paint family. Hyperelastic Bone™ sheets are comprised of approximately 90 wt.% synthetically derived hydroxyapatite bound by a network of 10 wt.% polylactide- co-glycolide (PLG).

After being 3D-printed onto, Hyperelastic Bone™ sheets and the resulting composite structures should be washed in 70% ethanol or 70% isopropyl alcohol followed by water, to remove residual solvents, prior to use. Hyperelastic Bone™ has numerous hard biological tissue (teeth and bone) applications and can serve as a flexible ceramic composite cell scaffold or implant. Hyperelastic Bone™ has been shown to be highly osteoconductive, and osteogenic, capable of differentiating adult human stem cells into osteoblast-like cells.

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