Life Sciences Services

Enhance your research through a collaborative partnership with Advanced Solutions Life Sciences. Our subject matter experts provide:

  • 3D Printing
  • Bioink Formulation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Cellular Biology
  • 3D Tissue Design & Construction
  • Create 3D Tissue Assays
    and so much more!

Collaboration Packages

Our collaboration packages offer flexible technical support solutions and royalty free access to our Lab Innovations.

  • Basic: includes technical support
  • Gold: includes support tools developed by our subject matter experts
  • Platinum: Gain royalty-free access to our Lab Innovations and advance your scientific research

Advanced 3D Biofabrication

BioAssemblyBot® – The World’s First 3D Human Tissue Printer Using a 6-Axis Robot

In 1954, the first industrial robot was invented by George Devol. The 4,000 pound Unimate robotic arm ushered in an era of automated material movement, precision assembly, six sigma quality and advanced manufacturing that has profoundly impacted our world. Over 60 years later, the BioAssemblyBot® brings forward this rich history of agile manufacturing robotic capability to the task of tissue biofabrication. The BioAssemblyBot® technology platform is built around enabling automated workflow from 3D digital prototyping (TSIM®) to 3D printed physical prototype (BioAssemblyBot®).




An Integrated & Full Service Business Model

An integrated solution: 3D modeling software, world’s first 6-axis robotic 3D printers, bioinks, and in-house expertise empower researchers to make important advances in fields that span from basic to translational research.