An Integrated & Full Service Business Model

An integrated solution: 3D modeling software, world’s first 6-axis robotic 3D printers, bioinks, and in-house expertise empower researchers to make important advances in fields that span from basic to translational research.

ASLS is a subsidiary of 30-year old Advanced Solutions, Inc. (ASI), with over 150 employees and 14 offices in the United States, and is headquartered within a 15,000 square foot facility in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to it serving as the central office, the ASI facility houses the primary engineering teams comprised of systems engineers, software engineers, mechanical engineers, simulation engineers, electrical engineers, and bioengineers. Projects are assigned a specific team of engineers based on the expertise needed from this large collection of over 50 engineers and technical professionals.

3D Biofabrication – Fully Supported

Our business model is built around supporting 3D bioprinting teams, development labs and research facilities. BioAssemblyBot® is the platform upon which all future 3D printed bio-surfaces will be founded. From our supplies to our software packages, our goal is to serve your development needs, one project at a time.

As you and your team continue to develop new projects, Advanced Solutions Life Sciences will be ready to meet the demands of new challenges. From complex software mapping and in-depth analytics and customization, our business serves the growing needs of scientists across the globe.

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