What It Does

This patent pending robot is the world’s first polar coordinate based bioprinter. Made for use on the benchtop, under a sterile biosafety cabinet, or in a fume hood.

BioBot™ Basic

BioBot™ Basic provides an entry level technology platform for conducting 3D bioprinting research.
Specific features:

  • Automated tip detect functionality
  • Automated material change via turret assembly
  • Automated pressure controls for pneumatic extrusion
  • Can print structures requiring up to 5 materials or cell types
  • 3-axis motion including rotational stage movement
  • Stage leveling capabilities
  • Works seamlessly with TSIM®
  • TSIM® software has a BioBot™ tab, enabling progress/cancel functionality
  • Swappable stage (includes flat stage and well-plate stage)
BioBot - Advanced Solutions

How it Works

BioBot - Advanced Solutions

Through the seamless integration with TSIM® 3D tissue models can be designed within the parameters of BioBot™’s unique circular stage. The Turret dispensing print head allows for automated selection and exchange of material via it’s inherent revolving motion. Experiments that require 3D tissue structures printed on glass slides, petri dishes, or multi-well plates, can all be completed on the ease with this benchtop system.

BioBot - Advanced Solutions

BioBotBasic® Specifications

Printer Dimensions 12”W x 20”T x 22”D(300mm x 520mm x 550mm)
Maximum Print Size ɸ7.5” x 4”T Cylinder(ɸ190mm x 100mm) Cylinder
Maximum Print Volume:
176 in3 (11,340 mm3)
  • Z/R Linear Axes – 40 µin (10 µm)
  • Θ Rotary Axis – 40 µin (10 µm)
Print on:
  • Glass Slides
  • Petri Dishes
  • Well Plates