What It Does

BioAssemblyBot® gives you the freedom to 3D print and control the tissue fabrication workflow.

BioAssemblyBot - Advanced Solutions

Key Features:

The patent pending BioAssemblyBot® robot arm gives you the freedom to 3D print advanced tissue structures and constructs. Take your biofabrication capability to a new level with:

  • Additive 3D Printing
  • Contour 3D Printing
  • Pick & Place
  • Assemble
  • Interchangeable Tools
  • Ease of Use with off the shelf Nordson® disposable syringes and a wide array of luer lock needle sizes
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Interface
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Seamless interface with TSIM® Software
  • BioAssemblyBot® provides three areas of heating and cooling temperature control
    • Tool Storage Rack
    • While Connected to the Robot
    • Print Stage

BioAssemblyBot® maintains temperate control from 5 Celsius to 110 Celsius and can be adjusted during specific points in the 3D printing workflow.

BioAssemblyBot - Advanced Solutions

How it Works


The BioAssemblyBot® receives 3D computer models from our TSIM® software program. Multiple models can be managed on the human-machine- interface (HMI) where they can then be individually viewed and selected for printing. Up to 8 different biofabrication tools, including cell-laden bioink cartridges, are automatically utilized in a single workflow according to TSIM® parameters. During the fabrication workflow, the 6-axis robot arm retrieves tools and builds physical structures of the computer model. Specialized tools and tasks include temperature control, as well as precise pick and place movement of material and equipment, such as microfluidic slides, petri dishes, and multi-well plates.

BioAssemblyBot Chart - Advanced Solutions

What it Can Print:

The BioAssemblyBot® is the next stage of evolution in 3D bioprinting technology and is ideally suited for the precision required to assemble:

  • Cell Systems and 3D Assays
  • Experimental tissue models and microenvironments
  • Organ models
  • Microfluidic platforms
  • Implant systems
  • And Much More!

BioAssemblyBot® Specifications

Robot Arm Compact Clean Room 6-Axis Robot

  • (ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 / CE / JIS B 8433 / UL1740)
Integrated HMI Human Machine Interface (HMI) works seamlessly with TSIM®
Tool Storage Up to 8 Interchangeable tools (e.g. BioInk, Pick and Place, Heating and Cooling, etc)
Video Camera Displays live feed from inside the BioAssemblyBot®
Arm Length Horizontal Reach (to mounting face): 665mm
Horizontal Reach (to wrist center): 600mm
Vertical Reach (to mounting face): 885mm
Vertical Reach (to wrist center): 820mm
Outer Dimensions 36.9 in (w) x 29.6 in (d) x 52.9 in (h)
93.5 cm (w) x 75.0 cm (d) x 134.3 cm (h)
3D Printing Envelope 9.8 in (w) x 11.8 in (d) x 9.8 in (h)
25 cm (w) x 30 cm (d) x 25 cm (h)
Connections Input Power NEMA 6-20R plug on a 208-220 reciprocal rated at 20 Amp
RJ45 CAT-5
USB input (x2)
Pneumatic air fitting

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